Who We Are

Who We Are

Hi, we are the De Weterings

– Rich, Terry Ann, Greta & Harry. In March 2005, we made the choice to invest our life savings into the purchase of a 100 acre Hog Finishing/Cash crop farm just west of Sebringville, Ontario. The farm was christened De Wetering Hill Farms after the Seebach family, the first settlers of Seebach’s Hill around 1827.

Since then, a lot has changed.   Our farm has grown, our children have grown, and we have transitioned our farm to growing Certified Organic Crops focusing on food grade soyabeans for making tofu.

Our philosophy is balance, and our focus is on the health of our family, our animals, our soil, our crops, our environment and bringing the natural flavour back to our farm products.

Our favourite products are so many, but one would have to say our ready-to-eat products. The Grass-fed 100% Beef Summer Sausage and Tofu made from our very own Certified Organic Soybeans are the top choices. You have to taste them, to know the difference.

Why we care and what we care about

explains our focus on health and quality.

All products are Gluten Free (No Fillers), Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, and contain No MSG.  All products are made in small batches using artisanal processing where possible.

Our butcher and processor for our meat products is the Zehr Family at Zehr Family from Zehr’s Country Meat Market, Dashwood, Ontario.

For the tofu we have partnered with the Ying Family of Mississauga, Ontario at Ying Ying Soyfoods.

Our Philosophy

Balance is key. Quality can not be sacrificed.

To do the best we can, given the environment we live in is a constant challenge. We embrace innovation and technology as part of our farming philosophy, practicing the need to balance technology with sound traditional farming practices. The importance of health and the effect of our farming practices on our environment and our future can not be underestimated especially when it comes to our soil.

We farm with a difference.


De Wetering Hill Farms tofu is amazing.  A first in farm to table tofu, where we have focused on the quality of the soil to produce a quality soybean.

Knowing who raised the animal and what it ate, guarantees consistent superior quality.

De Wetering Hill products has been sold to customers as far north as Ottawa, as far south as Windsor and sampled by as far west as California. Each and every customer has been impressed with the superior quality and flavour of our products.

the Harold Family, Mitchell

just with salt & pepper – the taste is so full of flavour.

the Witchie Family, Sebringville

The Pork sausage is a hit with our family.

the Robinson Family, Tavistock

Awesome Beef.

the Otto Family, Stratford

I don’t usually like Pork but I love this stuff – your ‘orchard pig’.

the Nelder Family, Stratford

The best Pork chops I’ve had in a long time. A real Pork flavour

the Jantzi Family Milverton

Your Bacon is really, really good.

the Holmes Family, Stratford

What a great idea – mixed combination of Beef and Pork boxes.

the Hogan Family, Sebringville

We love your Pork and the ‘orchard pig’ was really tasty.

the Herlick Family, Hanover

Great Tasting Beef and Pork. It’s all Good.

the Becker Family and friends in Ottawa

We loved the taste so much, we’ve had Five pigs custom butchered and sent to Ottawa.

the Becker Family Tavistock

Tastes like I raised the pig in my own backyard !!

the Ott Family, Modesto, California

This sausage is so good, you should sell it in California – we don’t have anything like this

the Brudnicki Family, Mississauga

When can we get more pork sausage?

the Doyle Family, Windsor

Pork is great! Looking forward to visiting you in late spring or early summer for more

Bijou Restaurant, Stratford, served De Wetering Hill Farms’ pork, April 2011 Ontario Government Summit

Everyone liked it!

the Hully Family, Mitchell

I’ve had other beef/pork patties before, but not like these. Let me know when you have more.

the Meadows Family, Tavistock

There is something about that De Wetering bacon – the way it cooks and the way it tastes. It’s so flavourful.

the McDonald Family, Sebringville

The De Wetering beef/pork 6oz seasoned patties are just the best.

the Stephan Family, Sebringville

We’re very satisfied with all the De Wetering Hill Farms meat products – so good.