Pronounced shahr-kyut-uh-ree it is a French word that comes from chair “flesh” and cuit “cooked.” It refers to cooked, cured or smoked meats such as bacon, ham, sausage and dry-cured sausage, usually ready-to-eat products.   At De Wetering Hill Farms we focus on just a few items that have a distinct “superior” flavour.

Ingredients: Sea Salt and pure raw spices.  All items vacuum packed.

Cured and smoked meats comply with Ontario Health regulation cooking methods and use minimal sodium nitrate (originally called saltpetre or saltpeter) for the curing method and natural smoke.

The specialty Items we sell are:

  • 100% Beef Summer Sausage (2.8 lb chub)
  • Bacon – sliced (½ lb pkg)
  • Capicola (Butt Bacon) – sliced (½ lb pkg)
  • Sliced Black Forest Ham – sliced (½ lb pkg)
  • Smoked Chops – bone-in, cured & smoked (1.2 lb, 2 pieces per pkg)
  • Hams – cured & smoked (2 lb pieces)

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