Pork Products

Pork Products

Probiotic, Organic Selenium fed Pork is our superior pork where the pigs are finished for market on our family farm using a special diet. The pork has a natural marbling due to the special diet, is a good texture and great natural taste of a “pasture-raised” pig. In the autumn our pigs get the added bonus of eating wild apples for that “Orchard Pig” flavour.

Ingredients: Sea Salt and pure raw spices.

All products are vacuum packed.

Cured and smoked meats used comply with Ontario Health regulations cooking methods and use sodium nitrates for the curing and natural smoke.

The cuts we sell are:

  • Pork chops – fresh, bone-in
  • Pork chops – cured & smoked, bone-in
  • Butt chops – fresh or cured & smoked, sliced or bone-in
  • Pork cutlets/snitzel
  • Tenderloin
  • Pork Sausage – famers or garlic (4 links per pkg)
  • Lean Ground Pork (1.5 lb pkg)
  • Pork Roasts – fresh (shoulder, ham)
  • Ham Roasts/Steaks – cured & smoked
  • Spare Ribs or Back Ribs
  • Bacon (1/2 lb pkg)

Choice of Cuts
pork cuts diagram

The hog carcass is then broken into four main primal cuts as follows:

  • Shoulder – Fresh Roasts, Cured Cottage Role/Picnic Roasts, Sausage◦The shoulder is the toughest and least expensive cut of pork, but because pigs are killed at a young age the meat is tender if cooked properly. Some roasts are cut and a few cottage roles made. The rest is put towards sausage or ground.
  • Loin – Pork Chops Bone-in Natural or Cured & smoked, Tenderloin, Boneless Loin, Back-ribs◦The loin contains the highest-quality meat and is the most expensive cut of pork. Chops are either natural or cured & smoked. The choice tenderloin is always left fresh. On pork ½’s or whole the tenderloin is sometimes included with the pork chop to create a unique “farmer’s chop”. If a bone-less loin is ordered the remainder becomes the Back-ribs.
  • Belly – Bacon, Spare-ribs◦This cut is fatty with streaks of lean meat. The spare-ribs are separated from the rest of the belly – leaving the bacon to be cured and smoked.
  • Ham – Fresh Roast, Cured Ham Roast, Cured Ham Steaks, Black Forest Ham sliced or chunk, Schnitzel Scaloppini, Sausage◦The primal fresh ham is the hog’s hind leg and the largest pork cut. Leaving the bone-in maximises the flavour and makes great roast fresh or cured and smoked. Schnitzel or sometimes called scaloppini is boneless and best tenderized and then breaded. Processed into Black Forest Ham is also an option. Remaining meat is put towards the sausage or ground.

Other Specialty cuts:

  • Butt Chops – Fresh, Paprika, Wine & Mushroom Steaks ◦The square cut located above the primal shoulder cut has super nice marbling and is sometimes cut into Butt Chops. Marinated these are amazing.
  • Jowel Bacon – Neck Bacon, Sausage◦This high quality cut is most often added to the pork sausage or ground due to the fact of its size. Meanwhile it makes amazing bacon. Smoked longer and cut thin it is similar to prosciutto. However, Prosciutto (the Italian word for ham) is made from a leg of pork. It is first allowed to drain in a cool place for approx. 24 hours, then rubbed with sea salt and spices, then air-dried for two months, periodically re-rubbed and turned. After salt-curing the meat is washed to remove the salt and hung in a cool breezy place to cure for as little as a few months but, traditionally up to two years.
  • Hocks – Fresh or Cured & smoked Hocks, Sausage.◦Hocks are often simmered for long periods in soups, stews and braised dishes to add flavour and richness. Natural Chops stewed with Sour Kraut. Smoked hocks make a great “Ertwensoep” Dutch pea soup or added to white beans for good Old-fashioned Pork & Beans. If not cut as hocks the meat is trimmed and put towards the sausage.
  • Organ Meats – heart, liver, tongue